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FavWorld Shaping Review

No, I am not talking about putting away your superhero cape. As a woman, you’ve probably worn that all your life. I am talking about the dreaded arm flab that seems to increase as we age. It’s that fatty tissue and skin that droops down from your arms and jiggles whenever you wave. It’s that annoying and embarrassing reason why you never wear tight sleeves and much less would you dare venture out with a sleeveless ensemble.

It’s a sad thing when you don’t want to dress comfortably, because of your arms. Not saying it’s right! But unfortunately, I’m saying it’s true because of personal experience. I have been there! I have avoided many a get together, because of the extremely warm weather, since I did not want to wear sleeveless outfits. I mean, more than anything else, it’s the reason I don’t wear a bathing suit!

Imagine! I don’t mind my legs or even my stomach. But the bat wings? Oh forget about it! I would not be able to feel comfortable, knowing people were not looking at me, but instead were just looking at my arm jiggle.

But all of that change when I came across the Arm Control Shaper as I was purchasing shapewear at my favorite online store FavWorld. This is where I do all of my online shopping for shapewear, so that I don’t have to go searching for my intimates from store to store while I embarrassingly try items on in order to find the right size.

Anyway, I was looking for some nice tummy control panties (They are definitely a go to for me!) when I saw these! It seemed silly at first. I mean, who would run around with some extra sleeves on their arms just for kicks? But I was intrigued none the less.

I read up on them on the website and then I did a little more digging around. It turns out that they are worn in order to compress the skin and increase the circulation around your arms. All of that compression and circulation cause your excess fat and skin to tighten up around your arms, kind of like if you were doing arm exercises for hours upon end!

I was a bit skeptical, but more than that, I was desperate! I figured I could try these out since they were so inexpensive (I got them on sale for $13.99) and really wouldn’t be losing much. But more than that, I was simply desperate to try anything! And so I ordered myself a pair.

They have really been a god send! I am so happy I purchased them. When I first got them I tried them on and they immediately tightened my arms up. I figured if nothing else, I could at least now wear them underneath tight sleeve clothes and feel comfortable wearing them! I hadn’t worn some of my favorite long sleeve dresses and shirts for a long time and it felt so freeing!

I started wearing the sleeves anytime I wore long sleeve clothing and I also started wearing them around the house and when I went on my daily walks (OK, so I got inspired to start going on daily walks, because I was looking and feeling better than ever!) Soon, you could see a major difference in my arms.

They were looking so much more tones and my skin started tightening up. Never again will I shy away from wearing the clothes that I want! So, if you are facing problems and want to hang up your batwings too, be sure to check out these Arm Control Shapers at too!