Here are some simple suggestions to stop hair loss in it’s tracks.

Simple solutions to prevent hair loss for men

When a man begins to lose his hair he often just doesn’t lose his hair but also his self-confidence.

Fortunately, there are many simple solutions to stop hair loss that might even restore some of  your lost hair permanently, without having to resort to expensive long-term treatments.

Why does hair loss happen?

Male pattern baldness is a direct result of a decrease of blood supply to the bulb of the hair follicle. Once you notice this happening, there are two things you can do: 1) Just let things follow its natural course and lose your beloved hair, along with your self-confidence. 2) Or you can control your hair loss and fix the problem before it becomes irreparable.

Before treating your hair loss, it necessary to identify the root cause of your hair loss. The more you know about the reason for your hair loss, the quicker you can remedy the situation at hand. A good hair stylist will be able to easily tell the why your hair is thinning.

Receiving chemical treatments such as, perms, bleaching or relaxers might cause hair loss. Stress, sudden weight and hormonal imbalance are other factors to consider. One of the main causes of hair loss is blamed on genetics, as it is often hereditary and passed down from each generation.

Scientists have yet to find a cure for pattern baldness but there are helpful treatments to prevent losing your precious strands of hair. Here are some simple suggestions to stop hair loss in it’s tracks.

Tips to prevent fall-out

We are going to break down the remedies for the different reason that might be causing your fall-out.

Chemical treatments: If chemical treatments are a regular part of your monthly routine, maybe you should consider investing in a high-quality moisturizing conditioner that has natural oils and lipids. This will help to fortify and strengthen any hair that you still have. Head and hair massages are excellent at stimulating the blood supply to your scalp.

Sudden weight loss: Weight loss is almost always welcome and often improves our health. But sometimes it can cause hair loss. If this is your case, then certain foods can improve your hair health such as lean meats, olive oil and avocado oil. These products not only work wonders on your hair but on your skin as well.

Hormonal imbalance: This might be caused by puberty, thyroid disease and other illnesses. In these cases, it is necessary to make sure the medicine being used to treat these aliments isn’t causing this undesirable side effect.

Genetics: This is easiest to identify, as you only need to look at your parent’s hairline. In this case, hair loss can be stopped by regularly having vigorous head massages that will stimulate the blood supply to the dying hair follicles. Also, use shampoo and conditioner products that contain oils that rejuvenate hair. Avoid applying harsh chemical treatments to your hair and instead of using fine bristle brush, opt for a brush made from boar bristles.

There are many other treatments, such as foams and lotions that help to enlarge the hair follicles and stimulate hair growth. Another option, is taking a pill daily that contains enzymes that encourages hair growth.

The important thing to remember in all of these treatments is that they only are keeping your hair loss at bay and once you stop treating your hair loss, you will begin to quickly lose your hair again. In some cases, you might even lose it faster than before.

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